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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

My favorite things for a happy healthy life!

Friends regularly ask me for recommendations for products that are good for their health. You know how Oprah has a list of favorite things? Well here are mine, just geared towards living a healthy life. Also I don't have a billion dollars, so my perspective is a bit different. Click on any of the headers to link to the products. No I don't get a commission because I am not important enough for that.

Argan Oil

You would be knock-off-your-chair shocked to learn what kind of chemicals and additives are in your skin care products. Even brands that appear to be healthy (I’m looking at you Aveeno and Neutrogena!) are still filled with stabilizers, artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives. Many of these ingredients are prohibited in other countries because they are proven to cause cancer and negatively impact brain health. My natural moisturizer pick for normal skin is Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Light. Apply a few drops straight out of the shower to damp skin. You’ll glow.

Natural Deodorant

Aluminum in antiperspirant has been proven to cause cancer. So why put that shit near your lymph nodes? Oh but I get sweaty?! Yeah that is the point your body is trying to detox and you are blocking its natural ways. I don’t have a strong preference for brand, but you can’t go wrong with these fan favorites by Native or Schmidt’s.

Multi Vitamin

The internet is filled with conflicting information. One of the biggies is that you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from a heathy diet. Well I am looking at you with those goldfish crackers in your hand, you need a multi vitamin. Don’t believe me? Go get some blood work and ask for the full nutrient panel. My current favorite multi is from Thorne. Ladies it doesn’t contain iron, so if you are menstruating you likely need a small dose of iron too. Thorne makes a great one as well.

Beauty Counter Lip Gloss

This lip gloss has gotten me so many compliments. Plus it feels great and is made with natural ingredients. My pasty white face looks great with the Peony shade, which also won the Good Housekeeping award in 2021. My healthy friend Anna told me about this brand, and I’m obsessed. Your first order is 20% off.

365 Oxygen Whitening Powder

How to get those whites white without harsh chemical bleach? Try Whole Food’s brand 365 Oxygen Whitening Powder. Just a little goes a long way too brighten and whiten. More is not better though, the reviews warn that using too much has a yellowing effect. “But why shouldn’t I use chlorine bleach?” Bleach was the first agent of chemical warfare in WWI, and you willingly want this on your clothes that touch your bare skin? For white laundry you can also pretreat with hydrogen peroxide to remove stains like blood, red wine, and chocolate. To remove odors, add some white vinegar to your wash cycle.

Yeti 32 oz

I could write an entire book about what is wrong with plastic water bottles. Full of shit chemicals that leach into your body, and they take 450 years to decompose. So every water bottle you have ever purchased could be sitting in a landfill somewhere. Remember the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"? Well "Reduce" comes first so you don't have to recycle. My favorite way to keep water nearby and chilled is with my 32oz Yeti. Fits in the car cup holder, and four a day will net you a whole gallon of water. I’m looking at you gym bro with that gallon plastic bottle you drag around. Plus, they are fun to personalize so when you leave it at the gym it can make it’s way back to you.

Trader Joe’s GF Everything Bagel

If you are trying to go gluten free but think all GF bread is nasty, then you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s GF Everything Bagels. I go and stock up on these (plus their GF cinnamon raisin bread). They have also become the mecca for seasonal flavors. Go get your basic bitch on with the GF pumpkin spice bagels. I love these so much I travel with them. “Ma’am is that an entire bag of bread in your carry on?” For now you'll have to actually go to the store to purchase these goodies.

Collagen Protein

If you struggle to get enough protein and don’t like the fake sugar flavors of most protein powders, try collagen. It’s great for those lactose intolerant folks, and actually helps repair the gut lining, cushion joints, and rejuvenate skin. Costco has a great deal on Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Try a scoop in your coffee (dissolves like magic, tastes like nothing) and easily get an additional 10g of protein with breakfast.

Makeup Eraser

This is one of my all-time favorite buys. Everyone gets it as a gift. When Neutrogena first came out with the single wrapped make up remover wipes, I thought it couldn’t get better. However, this tiny cloth removes even waterproof mascara with only water. It’s f*cking magical which is what it should be called – but wait no, don’t use an actual Magic Eraser on your face, please. Throw it in the washing machine and avoid more of the single use stuff. Plus see earlier comments about shit chemicals in your skin care products.

Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleep is so important for vibrant health. I try to get 8.5 hours a night. It can be a struggle if you have a partner that has a different sleep schedule or likes to watch TV in bed. I have seriously considered buying a new bedroom TV that doesn’t have one of those tiny power lights just to make it even darker in my room. Insert the $12 solution. This eye mask has pockets for your lashes so you can open your eyes with comfort. Ladies with fabulous lash extensions, this one is for you.

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