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Margaritas &Muscles


Margaritas and Muscles is a professional nutrition coaching company that specializes in behavior and lifestyle enhancements to improve health and fitness. We focus on teaching long term strategies that are simple and sustainable.

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Hey I am coach Bre and I am thrilled you have landed here. Before I became a nutrition coach I struggled like everyone else to find the right way to eat. In my 20+ years working in the fitness industry, it was always the same low calorie diet advice. Let's face it though, that just doesn't work well for most people, and if it did you wouldn't be here reading this.  


Today I coach people to nourish their bodies with quality food, and find balance with their busy schedules. Strict diets are stupid and I won't put you on one. Instead I teach long term healthy behaviors, combined with ideal food proportions to get you to your goal. Want to lose fat, gain muscle, fuel your workouts, avoid chronic disease, and live to 100? Then you are in the right place. 


Today I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, a CrossFit L2 Trainer, and a former owner at CrossFit Kivnon in La Mesa, (San Diego) CA. My bachelor's degree is in Science and I also have an MBA which pairs nicely with my finance day job. "Oh but you're not a medical doctor." Nope, and I don't want to be. Americans are as unhealthy as they have ever been by following mainstream medical advice. Instead I have clients that are physicians and together we are going to change the world by focusing on prevention instead of treatment.  


What to expect: We'll have a kick off call (preferably by video so I can see your pretty face), and we will talk about your goals. You'll keep a food journal for a few weeks so I can see how you are implementing what you have learned. I'll create a personalized eating guide for you and provide info on the best types of foods. We'll Zoom every two weeks and talk about how you are feeling and how to overcome any obstacles. The timeline is really up to you and how motivated you are to change. For some it is a sprint, and others a marathon. Want to talk it out? Contact me for a free consult.   



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